Present day libraries are not simply a place where lots of books are available. These places have evolved into a learning centre that has many other facilities for the members and visitors. The place is designed to provide comfortable ambience. Now digital technologies are being used to ensure people have easy access to the books they need. Even with all types of extra facilities, people mainly visit a library for its books. These books require proper storage systems. Effective and efficient library book shelving system is needed to keep all books in good condition. There are many advantages of using strong, durable and efficient book shelving systems in libraries.

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Strong Structure

Books are not digital data residing in virtual space. They have weight and require a strong shelf for proper storage. A library bookshelf has multiple rows and one or multiple columns. Dozens of books are stored in one bookshelf. The whole structure gains considerable weight after the storage of books. The structure must be strong enough to carry the weight of all these books for years to come. Poor quality shelf will start cracking and get damaged within a few years of installation. Only a strong shelving system specially designed for library should be used.

Right Size and Design

The bookshelves must have the right size and design. The shelves should be designed according to the type of books that will be stored. Some books are slightly larger in size than the standard books. Such books with different size measurements require matching shelf designs. It ensures proper storage of books that are not in the standard sizes.

Integrated Shelving Units

All shelving systems used in a library must have uniform look. Visitors searching for the books should not get confused while searching the shelves. They may think some books are out of bound because of a different shelf design. Same design shelving units ensure uniformity. It gives a unique brand value to the library. Visitors looking for books can concentrate on finding the books they are searching. They are not distracted by the different shelf designs. A uniform and integrated shelving unit can be placed anywhere. It can be combined easily with another shelf that has similar design. A damaged unit can be removed and in its place a similar shelf can be installed. It helps retain uniform look in book shelves.

Avoid Accidents and Injuries

A book shelf is very heavy in itself. Add to that dozens of books and it becomes a potential safety hazard. If strong and durable bookshelves are not used, an accident is waiting to happen. A weak bookshelf can collapse under the weight of books. These problems can be avoided by choosing book shelving systems that are strong, durable and safe.

Proper book storage facilities in a library allow people to scan through hundreds of books quickly and easily. They can find the right book without any assistance. People look for quick and easy access to the things they are searching. A library can ensure proper storage of its books with the help of high quality book shelving systems.